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    Lots of areas to taste

    It wouldn’t be a cooking show without some tasting! There are hundreds of opportunities to sample recipes and gourmet food products at the show. The center of the tasting experience is on the show floor where exhibitors are selling and sampling specialty food products like salsas, jams, and spice rubs. We also have more formal tastings in the Tasting & Entertaining Workshop area. Local experts divulge industry secrets like how to know if an olive oil is good quality, what to look for in chocolate, and how to navigate the cheese menu.

    Looking for a meal? How about a luncheon with Paula Deen featuring recipes from Paula Deen’s Southern Cookbooking Bible or a barbecue with the Neelys? If you prefer a libation, the Beer, Wine and Spirits Pavilion is where you can taste over 150 beer, wine and spirits. Why not both? Our Food and Wine Pairing are three tasting portions each paired with two wines. Whatever the craving, you can bet it will be satisfied at the show! Here are the areas where you can do tastings. Click on the plus sign (“+) for a description of each.
    Tasting & Entertaining Workshops
    Cooking Demos
    Food & Wine Pairing Sessions
    Beer, Wine & Spirits Pavilion
    Exhibitor Marketplace
    Mixology Competition
    Celebrity Special Events

    A sampling of tasting topics and events we’ve had…

    • Tea Tasting
    • Cookie Camp!
    • Salt Tasting
    • Chocolate 101
    • Olive Oil Tasting
    • The Cheese Course
    • Food & Wine Pairings
    • Starting with Cheese
    • Beef Up Your Tailgate
    • Thanksgiving Appetizers
    • French Olive Oil Tasting
    • Flavors of the Caribbean
    • Pairing Tea and Chocolate
    • Diva-licious Hot Chocolate
    • Cocktails with Todd Thrasher
    • It’s All About the Chocolate
    • Down Home with the Neelys BBQ


    • Mixology with Miles Macquarrie
    • Tasting & Entertaining Workshops
    • Paula Deen Luncheon and Photo Op
    • What Tea You Should REALLY Drink
    • Food & Wine Pairing with Tyler Florence
    • Culinary Innovations with Richard Blais
    • Fitting Beef Into Your Healthy Lifestyle
    • Deen Family Feast with Jamie & Bobby Dean
    • Holiday Cooking with Game and Charcuterie
    • National Beef Cookoff ® Demonstration Area
    • Bubbles, Bubbles and Bubbles with Ray Isle
    • Around the World with Pinot Noir with Ray Isle
    • Cocktail Throwdown! with Gina Chersevani and Owen Thomson
    • A Holiday Twist You Can’t Resist: Haute Chocolate Holiday
    • Food & Wine Pairing with Top Chef Carla Hall and Laurie Forster, The Wine Coach
    • Food & Wine Pairing with Top Chef Mike Isabella and Laurie Forster, The Wine Coach

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