Meet Staff

The folks that make it all happen!


Annmarie Kennick

Account Manager: Washington, DC Show

Phone: (703) 543-1629

Karen Kirst

Account Manager: Texas Shows

Phone: (855) 246-8994

Denise LaFlamme

Account Manager: Texas Shows

Phone: (703) 543-1626

Customer Service

Melinda Contreras

Customer Service Representative

Phone: (703) 543-1630

Megan Cornaglia

Ticket Concierge

Phone: (720) 524-3804


Curry Uflacker

Director of Programs

Phone: (703) 543-1624

Carleigh Smith

Program Coordinator

Phone: (703) 543-1625


Jill Collins



Melanie Talsky


Phone: (703) 543-1622


Robert Gonzalez

Operations Manager

Phone: (703) 543-1628


Daniel Traster

Culinary Director

Corporate and Administrative

Bill Medved

Chief Operating Officer

Favorite food: Mexican; If I wrote a cookbook it would be titled: Seven Deadly Spices: Cocktail of choice: gin martini with Hendricks gin and muddled cucumber

Phone: (703) 543-1621

Denise Medved

Chief Executive Officer

Favorite food: roasted chicken; Favorite sweet: anything chocolate; Wine or Beer: wine, definitely;  Go to cookbook: The Way to Cook;  Favorite thing to make: Roasted Chicken; Favorite cuisine: Italian; Must have in the cupboard: white truffle oil

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